Auction of crypto-boxes

Dear players!

We are pleased to inform you that we have completed the implementation of the Taurus Guard Mystery Boxes crypto-box auction functionality as soon as possible!

The auction starts today, 05/03/2023, at 12:00 GMT on the Metropolia server .

We remind you that each crypto box contains one of the Taurus Guard NFTs, starting with the most common rarity and ending with Mythic and Legendary, which are very rare and combine the most outlandish features (traits).

The following prizes may also be awarded:

- 1 Solana (15 prizes for 300 boxes).

- 3 Solana (3 prizes for 300 boxes).

The starting price of the cryptobox is 200 gold, step by 5 gold. 10 lots will be posted daily.

You can read more about the device of crypto-boxes on the forum .

Good luck with your auctions and incredible prizes!