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Emperor Rust_ (Metropolis server)

It is with pride and joy that we announce that Emperor Rust_ has taken the throne of his great "TA" Empires. This path from a humble farm laborer to the ruler of an empire was amazing in its own way. Perhaps, someday, the emperor will tell about this adventure in his memoirs.   

Congratulations to him on this wonderful achievement!

Let us wish the emperor wisdom and determination, and his empire prosperity and the conquest of new heights of economic development. Let the golden dragons guard his world. May your vault always be full of gold coins.

Let us wish him further victories and success in all his endeavors!

New Year's Gleam draw with more than 300 prizes!

We are happy to announce that the New Year's Gleam has started, which will give all players a New Year's mood and a lot of gifts! The total prize fund of the drawing is: 

- 15 prizes of 1 NFT Taurus Guard.

- 15 1NFT prizes for a future collection dedicated to pig farming.

- 30 prizes of 500 Elvereon.

- 30 prizes of 1000 Portalina.

- 30 prizes of 5 Megaliths each. 

- 30 prizes of 500 Wood.

- 30 prizes of 700 Stone each.

- 30 prizes of 50 Iron. 

- 30 prizes of 400 cereals.

- 50 prizes of 15 gold.

- 20 clones of Peasant status.

- 10 clones of the Bourgeois status.

In addition to these prizes, guaranteed prizes will be given to everyone who makes a short video (1-3 minutes) about our project and mentions this Gleam in it.

You can read the conditions and participate at the following link: . If you have any difficulties or questions about creating a wallet, you can ask them in the gazebo chat or the help chat in Telegram, as well as on our gaming forum.

Join, participate, win!

It's New Year's time in the world of clones. Discounts and New Year's bonuses!

Dear residents! The New Year's fairytale time begins in the virtual world of clones. 

From 12/04/2023 to 01/08/2024 the following discounts and bonus programs will be valid:

- Peacocks will delight you with the precious eggs they lay much more often than usual!

- At the state farm, the cost of peacocks will be reduced for you by 20%!

- The size of found treasures will increase by up to 25%!

- Clones will find nuggets of unprecedented size in gold mines!

- The amount of payments for airstrips will be increased by 25%.

Optimization of tertiary resource plant operation

Dear players! The clone world commissioner conducted an audit of the tertiary resource plant. During the check, many orders were discovered that, for technical reasons, could not be executed. All such orders have been removed and now the tertiary resource plant will only have orders that can be fulfilled.

To ensure that the plant continues to function with maximum benefit for all residents, the Commissioner decided:

  • Prohibit the creation of orders at the tertiary production plant by clones that do not have a personal limit on resource processing.
  • Automatically remove orders for processing secondary resources into tertiary ones from clones that have been transferred to dependency.

Now it is much easier to calculate real coefficients for resource processing! Happy bidding, clone breeders!

Gleam drawing results

Dear players! Our first Gleam giveaway ended today at midnight Pacific Time. The service identified 50 winners, whom we would like to congratulate and reward with the following prizes:

  • Players receive 10,000 krypton to their cryptocurrency wallets - Kripta2023, Bscrypto, Alverno, graf2004, QBQ, AlexVI, Kailen, PavlichON, NevGeniy, alieks.
  • Players - clop236, Reptiloid, Avada, Maco, dim0802, GeRke, egor17, ABERKROM, Amigofet, Lord_Tim - receive 5000 krypton in their cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Players - Goldfart, Discoverer, Robolix3, Evgen12, Abdulov, BatmanSwitch, XblTb, SkyBoy, buse66900, lokoc - receive 1 NFT from the Taurus Guard collection to their cryptocurrency wallets.
  • The following players receive 10 Cloncoins in their cryptocurrency wallets: Aprelka, kruegger, Cadogan, Don, Lumiere, Free_Thunder, Sergh61, Demski02, KelThuzad, btp_kohi.
  • The following players receive 20 gold coins to their game account: dima_grey, dimlight, Figoro, Zmeuka, badjo2007, RustemIII, ra4lhl, ferox, Ajaxx, Kekc2016.
All prizes will be delivered to owners within 7 days of the end of the competition, however we will try to do this as quickly as possible!

We hope you liked this format of the draw, so we are already preparing a new Gleam, which will have even more exciting tasks, valuable prizes, and most importantly - many more participants whom we want to attract to our virtual world of clones!

Once again, we congratulate all the winners and wish success to those who were unlucky this time!

Discovery of salt deposits (Metropolia server)

Dear players! Geologists carried out exploration and found areas for salt extraction. Quarries will become available for construction today at 13:00 GMT.