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New rules for the closure of geological developments

Yesterday, the chief huntsman and the chief geologist at the party at Baba Yaga ate delicious food and drank fragrant elixirs. And then the huntsman told about his latest unpleasant discoveries and about what successful decisions he made to correct the situation. We also looked at the magic projector of Baba Yaga and shots of the execution of the guilty foresters. “So they need it, these rogues! - said the old woman and, unable to restrain herself from laughter, continued: - I would generally drive them with a filthy broom.

And in the morning, the chief geologist of the Land of Clones, assessing the situation in geological developments (sand, salt, and others), decided:

The first attempt to close developments will be made at any time after three days have passed since the start of collecting materials. Attempts will be made at various times until the development is completely closed.

The experiments of the High Alchemist with drugs continue to delight the inhabitants of the Land of the Clones

The High Alchemist of the Land of the Clones continued his experiments on Common Peacock, Red Peacock, and Royal Peacock. New experiments promised new properties.

And these experiments ended in success! Now, when you apply a potion, it affects the peacock with the minimum remaining life of all possible ones in your perch or bird yard.

The results of the investigation of the Chief Gamekeeper of the Land of the Clones

The chief huntsman conducted an audit of his complaint book and indignantly discovered that some of his negligent assistants, foresters, not only sometimes did not respond to the residents' appeals, but were often participants in dubious stories:

For example, if two clones arrived at the same time with the collected pieces of the Great Hunter card, then the forest rangers could give preference to older clones, driving the younger clones away without salt. Also, despite the clear instructions of the Chief Gamekeeper that with the beginning of each round, all clones, both those who have already hunted and those who have started this difficult task for the first time, should be in equal conditions - the forest rangers handed out the first piece of the map to all the clones that participated in previous rounds , thereby infringing on those who start hunting for the first time. But most of all, the Chief Gamekeeper was outraged that negligent foresters allowed clones to participate in the "Great Hunter" with pieces of the map that the hunters left for themselves when leaving the hunt, and then returned after a while, when a completely different tour was already taking place.

Therefore, the Chief Gamekeeper decided:

1. Publicly apply "flogging wounds" to negligent foresters, so that henceforth it would be disrespectful to others.

2. Recruit new rangers and instruct them to strictly follow his instructions.

3. Transfer the statistics on the collected map pieces at the time of the resumption of payments to the new forest ranger, so that they equally share the prize between all clone hunters who collect all 7 map pieces. And so that in the future they would not be partial and act in the same way if at the same time several clones come to them with a collected map.

Prize "Great hunter"

The Chief Gamekeeper of the Land of the Clones announces a change in the rules for obtaining the "Great Hunter" prize. Now, as soon as one of the hunters has collected a card for his type of land, he receives a prize in gold coins, which is 1/2 of the amount accumulated in the prize pool at the time of the current draw. From this moment, the next Great Hunter prize draw for this type of grounds begins. The huntsman wishes all hunters to bite off their piece from the tasty savings fund.

New properties of old potions from the Tower of Alchemists

After carefully studying the ancient alchemy manuscripts, the High Alchemist of the Clone Land determined the new properties of the Ordinary Peacock potion, the Red Peacock potion, and the Royal Peacock potion.

Now, when using these potions, peacocks can rejuvenate up to the newborn state. Each peacock and potion is unique, so even the Supreme Alchemist cannot say for sure how much younger each individual individual will be.

Rumors of Hungry Dragons

Dragon owners have noticed that with the advent of the current year, dragons began to behave differently. They are more calm about hunger, and some hungry individuals left their caves and their greedy owner not on the fifth day of fasting, but endured 6 and 7 and even 10 days without food. Therefore, there are rumors that if you do not feed the dragon, then he will be able to endure such an attitude towards himself from 5 to 10 days, before he flies away from his master forever.

Lucky Clone Prize

The drawing takes place automatically every 30 minutes. The winner is determined randomly among all participants. He receives a prize in gold coins, which is 1/48 of the accumulated prize pool at the time of the current draw.

Empire "Thirtieth State"

Dear inhabitants of the Land of Clones! We wish the whole world success to the emperor IMPERATOR_HOMAPX  and his  empire "Thirtieth State"  , a fair wind in the sails of a powerful imperial flotilla. Prosperity, successful development, mountains of gold coins in the dragon caves and the imperial vault.

The first airdrop in the world of clones

Dear players of the clone world! Many of you know that our project aims to become an integral part of the crypto industry. The world of cryptocurrencies is full of various pleasant surprises and promotions, which are commonly called Airdrops. In simple words, these are free distributions of this or that property for that part of the audience that has fulfilled certain conditions announced by the project administration.

The first Airdrop in the clone world will affect princes who have their own hunting grounds.

Participation conditions :

• Be a prince.

• Have at least one developed site of any type.

• The Principality must be repaired.

• There must be no hungry clones on the account.

• There must be no broken properties or settlements on the account.


• Hunting ticket for a marten.

• Fox hunting ticket.

• Hunting ticket for a wolf.

• Hunting ticket for wild boar.

• Deer hunting license.

• Hunting ticket for elk.

• Bear hunting ticket.


1. The maximum term of any hunting license is 24 hours. 

2. The clone prince receives the ticket. If there are several principalities on the account, all clone princes participate.

3. If the winning clone has another hunting ticket, the new ticket will not affect him in any way.

4. The prize can come at any time of the day.

5. Winners will receive prize notifications via in-game mail.

6. The validity period of the ticket starts from the moment when the notification was received.

7. To have a chance to win a ticket of any type, you must have a ground of this type of animal.

8. The more land available - the higher the chance of winning!

9. This Airdrop has no time frame, but can be completed at the initiative of the administration.

Hunting licenses

Dear clone hunters! The Commissioner decided to update the rules for selling tickets for hunting various animals:

- Marten hunting ticket - required status for purchase - Craftsman.

- Fox hunting ticket - required status for purchase - Peasant.

- Wolf hunting ticket - required status for purchase - Tradesman.

- Wild boar hunting ticket - required status for purchase - - Merchant.

- Deer hunting ticket - required status to purchase - Baron.

- Elk hunting ticket - required status for purchase - Count.

- Bear hunting ticket - required status for purchase - Emperor.

I would like to draw attention to the fact that each social class has a rigidly assigned type of beast, and the Craftsman will not be able to buy a license for a bear, as well as the Emperor for a marten. 

If necessary - current clones with different licenses can use them until the expiration dates. They can also purchase a license that corresponds to the current status. The same rules will apply when the clones increase their social status.

To the Hunters of the Clone World

Dear hunters! We draw your attention to a change in the operation of one of the social subsidies in order to further improve the "Hunting" game module and related sectors of the economy.

The state subsidy for hunters was paid for hunting rifles of various calibers. The Commissioner, in conjunction with the Accounts Chamber of the Land of Clones, conducted a collection of statistics on hunter guns. It turned out that for 15 years, a huge amount of hunting weapons had accumulated in the vaults of the world of clones, which were gathering dust without being used. 

The state decided to abolish this subsidy and redirect it to the Sharpshooter fund.

High Alchemist and Gift Fair

The next winter weekend for the High Alchemist began with checking potion recipes. However, he was very upset when he did not see various hunting gifts on the shelves of his laboratory. Dressed in his winter outfit, the alchemist went straight to the fair, to the stalls of forest gifts, to replenish the dwindling stocks of mushrooms, berries and other curiosities that forest animals bestow on hunters:

"A handful of nuts, cheap, cheap, 20% off the government price," one of the merchants yelled.

"A spicy, fragrant, rare overseas truffle with a 50% discount, you won't find clones like this in all the lands," was heard from a nearby counter.

"The freshest honey, as sweet as my life, and even sweeter with a 50% discount!" came from the third counter.

Having bypassed several merchants, the High Alchemist collected plenty of the necessary ingredients, but he was shocked and outraged by such huge discounts on this product. After all, in order to get these outlandish gifts, you need to build a principality, develop spacious lands, acquire a hunting license, guns, cartridges and ammunition. "How is it that they are sold at such a discount?" - the Supreme Alchemist could not calm down in any way.

And he sat down to leaf through his papers in order to understand where such discounts on gifts come from. Do merchants sell them at a loss? After weighing all the calculations in detail, the alchemist realized that many hunters do not have their own lands and hunt in foreign principalities. However, having shot their guns well, they bring huge losses to the princes in whose lands they hunt. And the reason for this is the huge bonus payments appointed by the princes. 

And the Supreme Alchemist decided to prohibit any payments to hunters from the princes!