Completion of Taurus Guard NFT migration to pNFT format

Dear users!

Today we have successfully completed the NFT migration of our Taurus Guard collection from NFT to pNFT format!

Now, on the MagicEden and Tensor marketplaces, a royalty of 3% is compulsorily collected from each transaction for the purchase and sale of our NFTs and cannot be waived as before.

As a reminder, until the GoldenClone DAO is created, 50% of the royalties you pay are distributed on the 1st and 15th of each month among all Taurus Guard owners!

The process of migrating to the pNFT format added an additional transaction to the history of each NFT, and therefore the logic of displaying the time the NFT was in the wallet went astray.  Tentatively by the beginning of next week we will correct this error.

Since the pNFT format was recently created, some standard Solana blockchain utilities do not work with it, so automatic sending of NFTs to your accounts from open cryptoboxes does not work at the moment.  And while our programmers are writing the corresponding new scripts for processing the contents of cryptoboxes, the NFTs you find will be distributed to accounts manually.

Great weekend to everyone!