Heading "Inquisitive Minds". How to correctly enter the block of dragons.

Greetings, dear readers!

In this article, I will conduct a detailed analysis of how to enter the dragon block and how much meat production is needed to feed them.

Let's take a male dragon as an example.

It is far from a secret that during its life cycle the dragon eats a huge amount of meat and drinks a lot of oil. According to the reference, the diet of the dragon differs in different 4 periods of life:

Period 1 (up to 100 days): the dragon eats 800 kg each of chicken, pork, beef and drinks 7,550 liters of oil.

Period 2 (101-400 days): the dragon eats 6,000 kg each of chicken, pork, beef, and drinks 82,500 liters of oil.

Period 3 (401-900 days): the dragon eats 18,750 kg each of chicken, pork, beef and drinks 300,000 liters of oil.

Period 4 (901-1001 days): the dragon eats 5,050 kg each of chicken, pork, beef, and drinks 80,800 liters of oil.

As you can see, the numbers are really impressive. Many will probably now think, why create extensive production on your own, when there is a whole bunch of meat on the stock exchange, and even at nominal prices? On the one hand, yes, every owner of a castle with a cave can now start a dragon, feed it from the exchange and make a profit.

But let's think more broadly: how long will such prices for meat be on the commodity exchange?

At the moment, players are actively starting dragons, and in 3-4 months they will grow up and become more voracious. And then we will probably see meat prices rise again to the levels of 0.2+ gold per kg. If you buy meat at such prices, then the profit from the dragon will be minimal, if at all. So those who want to start a dragon, it's time to think about their production. For comfortable keeping of one dragon, its owners need to have at least 1 cattle cycle (5 heifers and 1 sire), 2 pig cycles (10 sows and 2 sires), about 13-15 chicken farms. Such a farm will be able to provide the meat of one dragon for the entire period of its life, but it also requires considerable costs and the capacity of the dragon owner's account. If you do not have your own level 5 principality with oil rigs, then of course you will have to buy oil on the exchange.

Actually, one should enter the block of dragons prudently and in no case hope for nominal prices on the commodity exchange.

It is always better to have your production at hand and sleep peacefully)))

For a novice player, these figures may seem huge, but after all, Moscow was not built right away. Set a goal for yourself and gradually go towards it, and everything will definitely work out for you!

Good luck with your development, dear readers, and may your dragons bring as much gold as possible!

Sincerely, Vitaly!

Author: ElatedBySuccess, Editor: AdelinaL