Heading "Wise Thoughts". Philosophy by Dzmitro: sip test

Good day, dear readers.

Last weekend, one of my new acquaintances, a fairly serious entrepreneur in the field of network business, told me the following story.

Somewhere in the 70s, the largest corporations "Pepsi" and "Coca-Cola" competed with each other. At that time, "Coca-Cola" lost most of its market and began to do all sorts of research. It turned out that in such a "blind test", as they say, without looking, people chose Pepsi. A new taste of "Coca-Cola" was developed, which in such a "test" in comparison with "Pepsi" gave success. When people tried it and did not know what it was, they chose this new product "Coca-Cola". Based on these studies, Coca-Cola released this new flavor.

It was one of the biggest disasters for this corporation.

This led to people even demonstrating and demanding that the previous taste of "Coca-Cola" be brought back. No one in the company could understand this: well, how, after all, in this "blind test" they chose the best, and then no one wanted to buy it. This is called a sip test: what you try for the first time seems to be much tastier, but if you drink more of it, for example, a bottle or two, then you start to feel sick and you are simply not able to stand it ...

Why am I... Maybe what you think is cool at the first moment - over a long period of time may be, to put it mildly, unacceptable, which will lead to a loss of interest. I have participated in many playgrounds, but I still remain loyal to the Golden Clone. The Clone Lands are already over 13 years old - this is clearly not the first sip. The core of the game is so unique and unlike other projects on the World Wide Web that the desire to drink from this vast ocean still makes the players thirsty. Good luck to all readers and good excelers.

Author: Dzmitro, Editor: AdelinaL