Rubric "Reflections". Systems thinking in the world of clones

Who in our time has not heard the term "systems thinking"?

In our technology-ridden world, it is becoming more and more common - many books have been written on this topic, a huge number of videos have been created and many trainings are being held.

In simple words, systems thinking is the ability to build your thoughts and actions in such a way as to put everything in your life on the shelves, to see around you not chaos, but a system.

Everything around can be represented as systems that perform certain tasks.

A light bulb is a system of a glass bulb, an incandescent filament and a base with contacts through which voltage is applied to this filament. The thread is heated, the lamp gives light.

A traffic light is a system of light bulbs, red-yellow-green glasses and electronics that control the on/off of the lamps. A road is a system of carriageways, road signs, traffic lights, and road users.

A city is a system of residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings and roads that connect it all. Etc.

We simply do not see it, perceiving the world as a whole.

What does all this have to do with the game?

But the game is the same system as the real world around us, with its own physical and social laws.

For example, to get glass - you need sand, and a hungry chicken will not lay eggs - here you have systems that operate according to the very real laws of conservation of matter and energy.

Laborer, putting flowers for sale at a high price, will wait a very long time for a buyer, but will sell on the same day if he lowers the price - a system that operates according to the laws of the economy.

The difference with the real world here is that these systems are visible in the game ! It helps that in the game we quickly see the result of the effort. So, in the game we think more systematically than in reality.

Systems thinking makes it possible to generalize and extend the experience gained in one area to the outside world. In our case, having understood the economy of the game, it will be much easier for you to deal with it in real life. Having learned how to make a profit on the stock exchange in the "trading guild" - you can try yourself as a trader on the real Moscow Exchange or even on Wall Street, and having built a system in the game that generates income - you have already taken the first, "training" step towards building your own business in reality.

Understanding all the intricacies of the game is not easy for a beginner (especially without a mentor), but it's worth it! If only simply because the game is an excellent simulator for the formation of systems thinking.

Enjoy the game, think systematically and achieve your goals!

Author: DarkSilver , Editor: KPPj