Why Solana and what makes it unique

Solana blockchain (and its cryptocurrency SOL) is the fastest-growing asset in the top 10 by market capitalization.  The SOL token grew by almost 3000% in 2021. In a large team of founders of Solana - doctor of science Eric Williams and ex-developer of Qualcomm and Dropbox Anatoly Yakovenko, who communicates with the Russian-speaking part of the community in russian.

An important feature of a blockchain is its bandwidth, i.e. how many transactions it can handle per second. The Solana network provides 60 000 transactions per second, with the possibility of expanding to 710 000 transactions per second. For comparison, the Visa network, for example, can handle 65 000 transactions per second. Bitcoin - only 4 transactions.

Solana is:

- Cryptocurrency SOL, ranking 9th in the crypto-rating,

- Solana Pay - payment system, providing immediate, almost free money transfers between users worldwide,

- Solana Saga smartphone with built-in crypto wallet (will go on sale this year),

- Multiple third-party tokens, including the GoldenClone token.

Last week, Solana made more than 800,000 NFT token transactions. This is twice as much as in the Ethereum (the second cryptocurrency after Bitcoin) network.

Popular Brave browser, with over 50 million active users per month is powered by the Solana’s blockchain. In total, more than 250 projects were launched on the Solana blockchain.

Of course, Solana has a some weaknesses. We will consider them in the next article.

Autor: DarkSilver