Playing squid on the island of the Land of the Clones

Do you like to play kids games? What if we pay you for it? If you're interested, here's our business card...

"The Squid Game" is the most popular Korean series. The conversations around him do not subside: they admire him, they recommend him, they do not understand him, they criticize him, but he still remains in the top. We follow the trends and the "squid game" has reached our clone lands!

While work is underway to integrate the Clonero token into the World of Clones metaverse, we invite you to play a game of squid with us! Anyone can take part in the game. We will not select participants among you - you can voluntarily get to our Island. You will be assigned a serial number and five games will be played. Every day the number of participants will decrease - the losers are eliminated. As a result, the rest will receive the entire fund of the game - 20 gold. Recruitment will begin July 15, 2022 - - >

The game starts on July 19, 2022 at 9:00 Moscow time. Don't miss your chance to participate and win!