There are frequently asked questions in our community that make sense to answer publicly. The development director answered them.

Question: what will happen to the securities of the Caribbean planter project, new issues were expected?

Answer: very good question. The thing is, there is a lot of progress. The project has made a big step forward and the development department is faced with a choice in what form it would be possible to offer our community participation in the project. Most likely the project will acquire a new look, more progressive.

Question: what to expect from the Conquered Lands server in the future and what are the developers doing?

Answer: The server is only two years old, it is very young and promising for our metaverse. We expect a large number of discoveries on this server and many new relationships with the main server "World of Clones", which is now in its 16th year. Thus, the Conquered Lands server is an integral part of the project and now is a very good time to develop on it. It should be noted that quite a lot of players are actively developing the infrastructure on this server right now.

Currently, the main efforts of developers are focused on work related to the integration of their own cryptocurrency into the metaverse of the Clones. The project will be presented to the global crypto community very soon. After the implementation of the idea of ​​tokenization, we plan to direct most of the received investments to the multiple expansion of the development staff and the development of the Golden Clone metaverse. Imagine what development awaits the project as a whole ...

This virtual world has proven itself and has a unique resilience and vitality. We started our development a year before the advent of bitcoin. Now we are adapting the project to advanced technologies in order to keep up with the times. We will offer the world community a metaverse with a 15-year history!

Question: is it worth rushing with development or waiting for the project to enter the global crypto market?

Answer: It's easier to give an example... Runners stand at the start and wait for the signal, but there are a number of runners who have the opportunity to run now. Should they run or still wait for a general start - a rhetorical question ...

Current players have a big advantage over the audience that will soon join our community. Not much time left before the start...