The Golden Clone is a metaverse. Why didn’t we know?

Friends, as we see, the development vector of the game has shifted into the area of cryptocurrencies and metaverses. Part of the game inventory and game currency will be presented as tokens. News and our social network publics more and more often mentioned the notorious «metaverse».

We’ll figure it out in five minutes, what’s the trend.

Wikipedia says that the metauniverse is a «permanent virtual space in which people can interact with each other and with digital objects through their avatars.» Interaction can occur with traditional personal computers, as well as with virtual and augmented reality headsets. Virtual reality is not a novelty. Do you remember the «Lawnmower» movie in 1992?

Around that time, virtual reality appeared. But it is not a main feature of metaverse. Main feature is that the metaverse exists and lives continuously, whether you are in it or not. In a normal video game, you run it, you play it, you press pause - and the game universe stops. Metaverses, like the real world, never stops, every day changes, evolves and improves. First what comes to mind - is the famous «Matrix» movie, as an example of a metaverse, where almost all mankind is immersed. Another wonderful example of the metaverse in cinema - «Ready Player One».

The film depicts the massive migration of human life into the metauniverse. And experts all say that the film is prophetic, and the future it shows us is not so far away. If you didn’t look, you should see. Today, metaverses are already present on some communication platforms and in video games. In fact, online multiplayer games are also metaverses, if game world exists and «lives» continuously. Like the Golden Clone. 
To sum up, the metaverse is not virtual reality and headset glasses. It’s a digital world that exists in parallel with the real world, regardless of whether any of us are there.

Of course, 3D graphics are very important for the player's full immersion into the virtual world. About the graphics - what it is now and what it will be in the future - talk in the next article. By the way, hit like, please! Thanks!