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Chemistry Laboratories: New Opportunities and Tough Competition

Hello dear readers!

Not so long ago, the inhabitants of the Clone Land had the opportunity to build chromium and nickel chemistry laboratories, which will then be useful for the great buildings of the coming New Age. The construction of laboratories began smoothly, slowly. This is due to the fact that the laboratories require 300 buckets of water produced in the Conquered Lands. But let's think about the future of these elements. Considering that the state issued a warrant for the purchase of 500,000 units of the element chromium, the demand for it is indeed expected to be high.

Let's remember how nonchalant many people were when it came to water, despite the fact that I and some other players advised to buy it at a price of 0.03-0.035 gold per bucket, until the price flew into space. And immediately after the introduction of water in real estate renovation, the price of water exceeded 8000% of the face value, and as a result, this hit the pockets of many players. As for the chemical elements, let's reason. Surely the elements will be needed to produce some valuable material that will be used in the great buildings of the New Age, it is also possible that we will have new production facilities for the processing of chemical elements, in general, we will have really great prospects. Those who saw this from the very beginning have already begun to build laboratories, and some, including the author of this article, they are already starting to buy up elements on the commodity exchange, where the price for them is already stable in the region of 400-500% of the nominal value. Great buildings will apparently require a huge amount of new resources, and the infrastructure for their extraction must be established now, without postponing for later, because the price tag can reach both 10 and 15 face values.

On my own behalf, I would like to advise everyone who wants to "grab their piece of the pie" in the New Era, do not hesitate, and already now develop the infrastructure in the Conquered Lands for the extraction of water, which will need a myriad of water, build laboratories, increase the production of new chemical elements and stock up properly them, so that in the end it does not work out, as with water.

After all, it is far from a secret that you can not only earn on the resale of a resource during its peak price, but also the FIRST owners of new great buildings will receive large benefits and universal respect, as has already happened on the Earth of Clones more than once. It is not yet known to whom the new buildings will be available, but given the course that the developers have taken recently, it is not difficult to guess that the bar will not be set too high, which means COMPETITION IS ENSURED!

I'm already stocking up on items, and you?)

I wish everyone to grab their own piece of the market, as well as successful development in principle! Looking forward to a new era!

Sincerely, Vitaly!

Author: GreatT_EmperoR , Editor: AdelinaL